Charme Beauty
Custom Eyelashes & Custom Package


Customize your unique eyelashes and packaging
1.Find your favorite eyelash style

According to your needs, we will provide you with a variety of quality eyelashes to choose from. You need to choose the style you like. Of course you can also customize special eyelash styles
2.Customize the packaging

Choose the packaging style you need and send us your logo. We will design and make your personal outer packaging according to your needs, so that the products you order are full of personality and get more attention.
3.Make the order and finish the payment

First, I will give you a total quote for eyelashes, packaging, and shipping.We will give you corresponding preferential policies based on order size or promotional activities to save you budget as well.
4.Preparing & Shipping the Order 
We will make your order according to your needs and provide you with the best service. When everything is ready, we will provide a video or picture about the content of your order for final confirmation. After confirmation, it will be delivered by the courier company.
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